Tuesday, February 2, 2010

By the shores of Lake Malawi

Me - traveling the only real way through Africa.

Sorry its been so long everyone. Since Durban, internet has been scarce, unreliable, and costly.

but since then... we've come a long way. Passed through the Kingdom of Swaziland, into Mozambique, through Malawi, and now in Tanzania. Quite a bit. I exchanged Memory cards near the end of Mozambique, so unfortunately i dont have photos before that on me this second. Here's a child showing off his daily goods to me in Malawi, hoping I'll partake in his deliciousness.

This is Nkahta bay, Malawi. Beautiful area. absolutely beautiful.

Another view, at sunrise. From the other side. Taken from my hostel balcony. Those mountains in the distance, are in Mozambique and Tanzania. And yes, I went swimming in Lake Malawi.

From Malawi, we went into Tanzania, which is this picture above. Taken from the 24 hour train ride to Mbeya, into Dar es Salaam.

We're currently in Dar es Salaam now, but i have few good photos to post. I'm discovering that I'm really not liking my new camera. :(

I'll be heading to Zanzibar tomorrow - I'm really hoping to post again before I leave - I'm really looking forward to that island. Cheers guys.



Anonymous said...

Hope your wearing sun screen

Valerie said...

I have to say if you took these photos they're gorgeous! Just like you :)

Emily said...

The sunrise picture of Nkahta Bay is absolutely breathtaking! What happened to your old camera to make you say you don't like the new one???