Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heres me on a camel near the pyramids. SOOOO touristy, I kind of hated it. It was one of those things where a guy kind of ushered me onto a camel, took our photo, and requested an insane amount of money for the photo ($100 american equivalent.) I talked him down to about $10. So, for $10, I got on a camel near the pyramids. Watch out, they spit.

And this is the most touristy place we've eaten at in the last two years. You'll notice, its a Pizza Hut! In Egypt! You'll also notice, in the background in the window behind me, the pyramids, and the Sphinx itself. Quite an interesting lunch. Pizza, chicken wings, and the last remaining Wonder of the World.
Another photo of Coptic Cairo. One of my favorite areas so far. The Coptic church contains about 95% of Egyptian Christians, and was formed during the debate regarding Christ's divinity. What interested me the that I managed to find graves and tombs bearing the mark of the Hospitaller Knights, also known as the Knights of St. John. This may not interest you, but i'm a personal fan of the crusades (not a fan of what happened, just the history. That actually didn't sound right either. Dammit.)

Heres me with my buddy Eric, doing some Hookah on the streets of Cairo. You can do it everwhere, cheaply. And I'm slowly becoming a fan of it.

Here's us together doing it. You'll notice our Hookas on the ground to my right. (Well, MY left, YOUR right)

Goes well with a cup of tea. Current favorite hooka flavors are apple and mint. We're leaving tomorrow morning for the port city of Alexandria, where we'll be taking a much needed break, including coffee and hopefully, more hookah. Cheers.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Just some photos real quick, since the shop is closing up. I spent most of the time trying to get these to load... Heres a shot of the Nile from downtown Cairo.

Yours truly at the last remaining wonder of the world.

A wide angle shot of Everything, with the mighty Sphinx in the foreground. Hopefully you'll all be able to blow it up properly.A rather nice self portrait shot - sitting at the base of the mightiest of the Egyptian pyramids.
And a small taste of whats to come from Coptic Cairo....a beautiful, beautiful area.

I'll post more perhaps tomorrow if i can.