Friday, July 25, 2008

Holy Crap, an update! Trust me, not having internet readily available gets to me more than it’s getting to you. So what’s happened since Italy?

Well, it looks like I’m starting to finally find a niche to fit into – and going with my perseverance I’ve decided to create my own jobs. After some 9 months it looks like I’m going to be giving an HIV education lecture in a village several miles away, called tubsis. I’ll be spending the last week of August there for a five day workshop, with one whole solid day dedicated to my lectures. I’ve been asked to give two sessions, one on HIV and that whole dilemma, and the other on STDs and STIs.

Another project I’ve decided to start is hydroponic gardening. For those that don’t know, that is the science of growing plants without the use of soil. My ultimate goal is to create a garden that has enough variety and yield to be able to create an income generation project for some of the locals, as well as give them something to do. Turns out giving the youths something to do tend to work better at HIV prevention than the same classes and giving them the same facts they’ve heard for years, albeit correct or not. But i need to find more wooden pallets!

I'm trying to turn these...
Into these! so far, two planters constructed. now they just need legs...

We’ve got one more thing to work on – a calendar. There are a very selective group of PCVs which are in a committee called the HIV committee, which do things HIV related. (and by very selective, I mean it selects only those that can sign their name to the roster.) One such thing, is create a calendar of our Namibian photos for fundraising. Out of the 13 or so working on the calendar, yours Truly and another close friend, Natalie, are the only two in the “design” committee. In a nutshell – she and I are in charge of what photos go into the calendar, and how it will ultimately look. This may be due to the fact that we’re the only ones that have and know how to work photoshop. Don’t worry, I’ll let everyone know when we’re done. Because you need to buy one. Have a nice day. J

Ok, jobs and projects done… Let’s move on to fun stuff. First – big purchases. I bought a phone. A new phone. They had the technology, its faster, bigger, stronger. And incredibly cheap. As in, I think some office temp will be fired for selling me an expensive phone for so little. But on my salary, well…of course I kept my mouth shut. I have now have relative access to the internet. I can now on a daily basis check my gmail account, as well as facebook. Sweet! The phone also comes with Sodoku, and even Bluetooth. So once I get my laptop back, I’ll be able to update on a regular basis! I’m very excited. Yay for a new phone, which also btw, just looks sexy. In retrospect, this may be my undoing – now I’m going online whenever im bored. I think this may bankrupt me.

And now onto the really good stuff – visitors! That’s right, there are several future endeavors that which will prove to be incredible. First of all – my parents. Both of my parents (and possibly my brother) are coming to visit for a short period of time in December. Much happiness for me this year for not spending Christmas alone and drinking into a stupor. And after that, friends visit! So far on the travel ledger, I see the names of Karen, Rob, and Andy – all of whom have booked their travel tickets to come to the magical land of Namibia in the beginning of February. Things to do so far include a trip to Victoria Falls, and a trip to Sossevlei (sp?) Oh, and I get to spend Valentine’s Day with my beautiful girlfriend in Namibia. I know, let’s play a game. If you’re jealous, raise your hand. (Pssst. If you don’t raise your hand, you’re going to lose the game.) And we have one more! I’ve made the decision to come home for a short visit next June. I’ve decided to come home in time for Nancy and Andrew’s wedding. Why?

Well, first – they’ve been among my closest friends for the past four years. I would HATE to miss a party as good as that one will be. Second, it’s a wedding. If I’m going to come home, I’d rather have it for a good reason than a bad one. Third, Mama Bear will SURE to have Guinness there waiting for me. Ice cold. Fourth, I get to see people I haven’t seen in damn near forever. Fifth, Guinness will be there. Sixth, Karen needs a date for the wedding. And really - how many women there will have a boyfriend from Afrika there in dreds / braids? Seventh, It gives me a reason to go home and see my family. That warms my heart. And after that? Well, I’ll be coming home in six months – I’m sure after that time will fly.