Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hi everyone!

So by the time you read this, I'll already be on my way to the Cheetah Conservation Fund of Namibia to begin my work as a geneticist!!!

When I discover all of my job details and responsibilities, I'll post them in a more thorough form here.

Just for those that read and care, I've been requested this several times, but now i Have it! Here you go, I have two addresses:

the address for packages is:
N. Boirediddy
c/o CCF Bush (Pty) Ltd.
1603 Hatting Street
Otjiwarongo, Namibia
Tel: 067 304 806.

For letters it’s:
Niddy Biznatch
c/o CCF
P.O. Box 1755, Otjiwarongo, Namibia

See you guys on the ranch


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ok everyone. So here it is - Sorry I haven't been updating. Believe it or not, i've been very recently as of late.

SOOOOO last month, my wonderful girlfriend and two college friends came for two weeks to visit the splendor of Namibia. If anyone is interested in reading about our amazing adventure, I'd suggest checking out this blog here. This is the blog of Andy, who you'll discover is a fantastic writer, and a great friend. I can't write as well as him, so it would just be for the best to read the best possible story that you could.

Oh, and a very big thank you to all the volunteers that helped us in this vacation. One thing they wanted to see, was how volunteers live and work in Namibia. Since they ended up seeing almost 20 volunteers, the experience was one they won't forget. Volunteers who deserve big thank yous include Dave, Chris, and Eric. Thanks guys to adding to our trip!

Now as for why I've been busy, I should hopefully get a site change soon.

Check out my new job location here. Check out this video to learn and understand more.

So excited!