Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Guardian

So a couple things: first and foremost, a high fever in a foreign country is insane. I've been sick for the past three days, with a fever over a 100, reaching a peak of 104. but in the 100 degree heat, it actually feels normal. and I was very sleepy. But I'm just about all better now, it was probably something I ate, like that Goat's head four days ago....

Just for your entertainments sake, We've got a small post here about something i may or may not have already discussed. I've received an African name. Some people in my community felt it was important that since I'm "now African" (in their eyes,) its only fitting that I have an African name. Not everyone calls me by it, but it's still nice to have.


I'm actually not sure how you spell it. It's a Damara (khoikhoigowab) name, and i think its pronounced /otorope, with a click. For you non clickers, its sounds like (Toto-rope.) Its an everyday damara word, literally meaning 'Big Brother.' In the figurative sense, and in the sense i think they meant it, it means "My Guardian" or "My Protector." So evidently I've a difference to several people, and thats enough for me.

I'm feeling better.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Two things, both good. Bout time.

So we got two good things on the chopping block to talk about. One involving internet, the other roommates. Let’s start with the later.

For those keeping tabs, my former roommate from TheOrganization is no longer with us. It turns out in the professional world, when one goes on vacation to another country for 6 weeks instead of the claimed 1, almost everyone gets into a tizzy. An incredibly long story truncated, he’s no longer living or working with me. However, it seems to be that I’ll be getting a new roommate quite soon. In the next couple weeks, one of my closest friends will be getting a site change due to complications relating to work. I’m withholding the name, only in the event that someone in his/her town discovers this, since they haven’t been notified yet. So here’s to me having a fantastic housemate.

The second big article, is the availability of brand new, high speed internet. Here’s the lowdown: one of my friends in town decided to open an internet cafĂ©. As said friend, we’ve made a deal. I give him unfettered access to my movie and video collection, and I get free internet. Which means if anyone ever wants to talk with me via facebook or AIM, just send me a quick email and we’ll schedule something. I think for your benefit, I’ll post the next time I know I’ll definetly be on, so If anyone wants to chat with me, they can. No word yet if Skype will work here or not, but it will be attempted in the next couple weeks or so. Until then, enjoy my company.