Thursday, April 29, 2010

A new updated map

You know, when you add the worldview like this, suddenly it doesn't look so impressive. Meh. Red lines are the paths taken by land. Yellow are flights.

Monday, April 19, 2010

All roads lead to Rome

Lake Bled, in Bled. BEAUTIFUL. Look it up online, these photos sucked cause the fog was so heavy. So we have photos from Slovenia to Italy! Here we go.
Me, from the top of the Florentine Duomo. One of my favorite places in the world to be. Always.
Ariel view of Florence. Taken from the Piazza di Michelangelo, after I fell asleep on a patch of grass for two hours.
AHHHH!!!! ITS FALLING! Wait, never mind. Now ou can walk to the top of it! Thats new to me.

La Fontana Di Trevi. No worries. I threw a coin in over my shoulder, if you know what that does here. Click on the photo for larger view. I LOVE the panoramic function n my camera.
I love taking good pictures. "I didn't know men could build such things."

What I spent tonight at. Alone. With no more than 20 people around it. Amazing.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ok. I know its been a long time - but internet grew exponentially expensive as we entered Israel from Egypt. That, and there were few places to update with time. So here we go. CLICK to see Enlarged versions. They're worth it. Promise.

Beach shot of Tel Aviv from Old Jaffa, one of the oldest areas of Israel, predating Jerusalem by some thousand years. A fairly young city - full of life and sleek style, its pretty much does its own thing and forgets the strife all around it.
Andromeda's rock. Supposively, this is where Andromeda was chained to the rock for the Kraken, and saved by Theseus. I think. See it in the upcoming Clash of the Titans movie. It looks exactly like this one. I swear.
Aeriel shot of Tel Aviv. Where the beach curves, you can see a clock tower. We were around there, sort of. Thats Old Jaffa. Great area, really.
La Scala in Milan. The boys. Any shop around here sells crap that would feed our learners for years. Sad, but true. Didnt stop me from smiling though that i was in Italy finally.

The Duomo of Milan, next to the entrance of La Scala. Beautiful shot - beautiful area. Promptly left Milan after visiting here.

Venice. Need I say more?
Where I spent Easter. This is a small town wedged between the mountain and the lake. On the other side of Pordenone, this is Barcis. We settled on a little cafe and had wine, cheese and deli meat. A good meal. obviously.
Flowers. Taken today in Zurich, Switzerland.
And Zurich as a whole. Climbed the university side of the river to one of the highest points and took this panoramic. BEAUTIFUL city. Would def return. But it weas nice today, around 50-60 degrees. Nice day.

Sorry it took so longk and with so little, it should get better. Promise.